important-things asked:
Say 5 nice things about yourself then pass it on to your ten favorite followers :)


So Kristine important-things tagged me back when I lived at my old apartment, and that was, um, a while ago. Then Rachel conquistadoratheexplora tagged me, like, at least a week ago, possibly longer, so I am clearly terrible at coming up with nice things about myself. 

  1. I am pretty damn good at cooking, if I do say so m’self.
  2. I try to live my life with kindness, optimism, and awareness.
  3. I genuinely listen in conversations, greet strangers, and make eye contact with all people I interact with (things I used to be afraid of.)
  4. Every year I get to a better place, because I try to be. I need to remember that there is progress, and it is because of active effort that I am responsible for maintaining. 
  5. Babies seem to like me.

Nice enough?

I learned I have more like 35 favorite followers when I tried to do this, but I’m tagging: lies lost-tart sinkingshits blanketcoveredlover angryangelagain elledeau amandamello holly-gofightly acts-of-ultraviolence nanilife because ya’ll are active and might need some enforced positivity today. 

the-eldest-woman-on nominated me to post 5 positive things about myself because she is a nice beautiful soul. So here are my 5 things
1. I’m pretty laid back
2. I’m caring
3. I love to laugh and make others laugh
4. My dog loves me
5. I’ve got a quirky style.
I nominate the following people: alohahn, berriescitrusavocado, famslikes, noperfectdayforbananafish, organicallygorgeous to do the same to make their days. You have to pick 5 people too.


This cookbook is amazing. Not only cheap but easy too


Found the sickest spot the other day
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